Program (Final)

Rosanne Kennedy, Gillian Whitlock and Paul Arthur

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There will typically be 3-4 papers per session, with paper length 15-20 mins depending on the time available in your session. Questions will be 5-10 mins, depending on the number of papers in the session and whether questions are taken after each individual paper or together at the conclusion of the session.

Dear Friends and Colleagues

Welcome to IABA 2012! Enclosed are links to a full program of papers scheduled across a wide array of themes and issues. As you would expect, there is a strong regional presence here, with particular interest in auto/biographical writing across the South. We are also pleased to welcome many who will travel from mid summer to mid winter and into future time to be with us in Canberra.

In response to feedback from the IABA community our program features many opportunities for conversation and dialogue. Panels have been programmed in themes that have emerged across the abstracts so that you will have the opportunity to follow debates and developments sequentially with leading researchers in these fields. These themes include Indigeneity, Human Rights, Archives, Historical Auto/Biography, Transcultural Lives, and Visual Cultures. Of course you are equally welcome to move across sessions and themes, as per usual. There are no keynote presentations, rather there are featured speakers who will participate in sessions with respondents to trigger debate and discussion. All events are scheduled in one of two locations. Most of the conference proceedings, functions and facilities are in the precinct of the Australian National University, and this includes accommodation and the conference dinner and a screening at the National Film and Sound Archive. Two events will be at the National Portrait Gallery: the preliminary event with Antjie Krog and Paul Patton, and some sessions on Thursday morning. This venue responds to our invitation to address the visual in ‘framing lives’. There is information about transportation to and from these sites in the program.

A note about time. To include as many papers as possible and to allow all to present their work equally we request you observe the time constraints in the sessions as a courtesy to fellow presenters and the audience.

We look forward to seeing you to Canberra in July. The welcome will be warm and we promise this ‘Framing Lives’ program will offer a diverse and interdisciplinary array of conversations – you will have some hard choices to make!

Paul Arthur, Rosanne Kennedy, Gillian Whitlock
Convenors IABA 2012

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